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About Us

ErgoSoft AG is a leading developer of software solutions for the high-end digital printing community. The company's mission is to provide intuitive, high fidelity digital printing solutions to the demanding imaging professional. We do this by developing feature-specific, production-oriented applications to optimize image quality, color accuracy and production speed in the most demanding digital printing environments.

Founded in Switzerland by Hans-Peter Tobler over twenty-years ago developing RIP software for digital textile printing and large format graphics, ErgoSoft built its reputation on ease-of-use and impressive process speed with its two anchor products PosterPrint and TexPrint RIP. The two applications were, and still are, without peer in their unique combination of intuitive interface and unparalleled control while living up to the Swiss' reputation for precision.

Seeking to leverage their extensive backgrounds in color management, Robert Eversole and Peter Supry formed ErgoSoft US, incorporating December 5, 2001. Having spent the previous five years developing and bringing ground-breaking color management solutions to the market, the two sought out to deliver their knowledge in a more logical way, via software RIP. With an already mature and crowded RIP market, ErgoSoft US took the unconventional path targeting digtal photography and fine art printmaking. From this focus, the 2004, 2005 and 2006 DPI Product of the Year Award, multiple 2005 DIMA Shoot-out Awards, the winning StudioPrint RIP was born.

Since end of 2007 ErgoSoft found in Jeffery Kline a brilliant sales expert with a huge experience for colormanagement and RIP software, as well as a sense for the digital print market. As Managing Director of ErgoSoft Asia/Pacific he takes care of our customer in Australia, New Zealand as well as the whole Pacific region.

With ErgoSoft setting the new standard for color accuracy and image fidelity, PosterPrint and TexPrint have been quickly becoming the preferred RIP for digital imaging professionals with whom quality is paramount.

When you add it all up, it's obvious: ErgoSoft is synonymous with award-winning quality and becoming, in short order, the only inkjet RIPs for those require it. It's a simple position, whether you are trying to win industry awards or win a new customer's business, it's hard to ignore superior quality.